You may have seen the raising profile that zero hours contracts are getting in the media. It seems at long last that politicians are realising that these contracts are a step too far when employers are looking at ‘flexibility’. As Britain’s biggest union it is now up to us to ensure that the heat remains in this subject.

The Media and Campaigns department are collating case studies of examples of zero or low hours contracts and the impact they have on workers and their families. We all know that out sectors employers are particularly keen when it comes to zero hours contracts so now is the chance to get stuck in.

We need members on these contracts to be found and encouraged to take part in building our case. This means our stewards need to be informed. Pass on this message as widely as possible but don’t forget your own employers too!

Can you all, as a matter of urgency, spread the word and try to identify members that are affected? All it will mean is a phone call or a few questions by email and of course if they want to remain anonymous we would respect that.

Alternatively we have got an online survey that can be completed
Or use 49 Branch Site with this address=

Please, this time we need everyone to do their bit.