Our Ref: ND DD

Date:       October 21st 2015


(cc Regional Secretaries and Regional Systems Coordinators)

Dear Colleagues

Re:           Downstream Oil Distribution – Membership Survey

This letter is to ask for your support regarding a major survey that we are undertaking for the Downstream Oil Distribution Sector in an endeavour to update the Union’s membership records.

We have sent out thousands of surveys to members allocated to this Sector.

Over the last three years, this Sector has experienced a lot of movement, particularly drivers changing employer/contract. So when it comes to conducting ballots (consultative and industrial action ballots) it is taking a great deal of time to establish the correct definitive membership, so that we only ballot those entitled to be balloted. This is an ever changing, fast moving sector and keeping the membership up to date is a priority, particularly for industrial action ballots where there are legal obligations to be met, which will become more onerous with the recent Trade Union Bill.

When servicing the members on terms and conditions and other matters, we believe we should be able to respond, without delay.

So we are asking for your support and assistance to ensure the members return this survey to us. When this is all updated, we will continue to look at ways to keep the records as up to date as possible and, you as reps, (without taking up too much of your time) are key to ensuring this work is done across the sector. More information about this will be sent in due course.

Please promote this campaign to your members and if you know anyone who should be included, but has not received a survey, please let me have their details so that we can check if they should be part of this exercise and, if so, we can ensure they are sent one.

I have attached two samples illustrating how the survey should be completed; therefore if you have any questions from the members, I am sure you will be able to assist. However, any problems, please contact me, or refer the member to me. One is where the example of a member’s employer/contract is given and the other is where no example for either the employer or contract.

The members can return their survey, for free in a freepost envelope, and there is also a chance to win one of three £25 Love to Shop Gift Cards.

Thank you for your help in building a better future for our DOD membership

Yours sincerely

Nick Dennis

National DOD Organising Officer

(Tel: 07885 806121; email: nick.dennis@unitetheunion.org)


To All Tanker Drivers if you have not received your Survey form, Please contact UNITE Southampton on 02380637373 to receive your form

so the survey can be completed.