Gareth EvansBranch Chair
I joined the old T & G when I first moved to Southampton in 1965 and worked for Eric Bakers Transport, and have been in transport ever since.Having held a number of positions in the Union, both at National and Local leveI, l was also a stand down officer and Branch chair for 12 years. Your web site is a great step for the Hampshire SE6216 RTC Branch, Passenger and FDT which the team believe is one of the best way to reach and help the Branch Members, to give you the support needed In these difficult times

Mobile: 07868710892

Barry PartletonBranch Secretary
I have been a member since 1970, I have driven all types of Lorries since I was 21 years old, and have been a Branch Secretary for over 30 years, seen this branch through the “Big Strike” and numerous Dock Strikes, and ‘Our Team’ are trying to make sure all the members of SE6216 Branch RTC, Passenger and FDT getting all the help they want and need, in these “Hard Times”, we hope this new venture, your own Website, for this Branch will help you, we look forward to you e-mailing us with your Queries and Questions, or ringing our Phone Numbers with the same, we will always do our Best for you.

Office: 02380325492 (with answer Phone)
Mobile: 07787927662

Jen ParkerBranch SE6216 Companion
I retired from being a Unite Official in 2021 and didn’t want to step away completely.
Barry and Gareth supported me throughout my years as an official. I was always impressed by the way they organised and ran the RTC Branch.

Over recent years the Branch has expanded, taking in members without Workplace Branches in the Food, Drink and Passenger sections of Unite. All of which were in my previous Unite Allocation as an officer. I am available to assist members with their issues and where possible I am willing to represent individual members at Disciplinary and Grievance meetings, having sought authorisation from the current Officer.

My contact number is: 07392 085 801
or email: